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HAUZ Co is an online platform that provides A to Z house building solutions. When it comes to building your dream house, things are not always straightforward. A lot of research and planning goes into every aspect and every detail of your house. We all know how challenging it is to find all the information that you require, even after spending hours in front of your screen.


HAUZ Co's mission is to take away the hassle of endless browsing through countless websites and companies. We have done the work and put together everything in one place so that you can focus on what's important, building your dream home. Whether you are confused about the paperwork, what materials to use, which companies to trust, what are the latest technologies and innovations in construction, what are the trends in interior design, smart home, landscaping and more, we've got you covered.


Our continuously expanding network of Partners is the tool you need at every step of the way. Just select the category you need, browse through the list of companies in your desired field and select the one that's right for you. Leave a review for our partners once you've used their service/product to let us know how it all went. We really value your feedback.


HAUZ Forum is an endless resource available to everyone. Ask questions, exchange ideas and opinions, learn from other people's experience so you don't leave any room for mistakes when you build your house.

Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we have to offer, and get in touch with any questions. is here for you.

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